We Tri - May 8, 2016

  • 1.5 km Swimming

  • 40 km Cycling

  • 10 km Running

Taitung, Taiwan


The race was the most amazing that I have done. People were friendly and cheering and the volunteers were all adorable and helpful. You couldn't find a better venue. Scenic and challenging. i really enjoyed racing it and giving everything I could. All the other organizers have been absolutely wonderful and helpful. Big big congratulations. - Olivier Courret
Thanks for a great race. We came over to see the Challenge brand in operation and to see what all the hype was about. I must say that it was a very positive experience. I hope you will appreciate some constructive feedback as I do like what you, and Felix and co are doing for the sport that is my passion. - Andrew O'Regan
Congratulations for the organization of such an amazing race! it was one of the best races I have ever done! The course, the organization, everything made this race a great race! you did an amazing job putting it together! -  Raynard Picard

Swim Leg – 1.5km

The swim course is set for Flowing Lake in TaiTung.

The one-lap swim is in a man-made reservoir within easy views for spectators watching from the shore. The course starts from a pontoon in an anti-clockwise direction with one turn buoy. The average water depth for most of the course is 2.5m.The swim course is in crystal clear water from a natural spring and mild temperatures.

The following rules will apply to the swim:

Wetsuit: to be confirmed at race briefing. Event swim cap: compulsory and is provided at registration

Transition 1 (T1)

Exiting the swim course at Flowing Lake, will run out to T1 where the bikes and other gear will be pre-racked (by you). Your helmet must be clipped on before unracking your bike, and you must proceed on foot to exit T1 and head out onto the bike course.

Bike Leg – 40km

The 40km bike is set on an undulating out-and-back which heads north between the soaring Carp Mountains and spectacular Pacific Ocean coastline.

The course heads out of town over ZhongHua bridge and hits the coast shortly after XiaoYeLiu. After which it continues along Taiwan’s beautiful east coast rolling trough Doulan before heading back to TaiTung city.

Aid Stations

Aid stations on the bike will be at the turn-around. It will have bike bottles with sports drink or water in them. 


If you are caught drafting you will be penalized and/or disqualified. Please read attend our race briefing for clarification on our drafting rules.

Transition 2 (T2)

Once you come to the end of the bike, you must dismount before you enter T2 and walk your bike to your numbered rack. 

Run Leg – 10km

The run combines the cultural heart of Taitung city with the beautiful Pipa Lake Park, the surrounding tranquil rice fields and orchards and vibrant ocean promenade.

At the finish

As you come up the finish chute, take a little time to reflect on what you have achieved, and relish the experience of finishing "Challenge Taiwan".